What is Conscious Philanthropy?

Come work with us and find out more!

Earth.University Research Project

Philanthropy is the deep care and concern for the welfare of others. At Earth.University, we are motivated to find out 3 things: 1) What are the top priorities for humanity? 2) What do the recipients of gifts, goods, and services want? and 3) What makes philanthropists trust that their 'investment' will make a difference? To better understand all of this, we decided to start our own investigation into what would impact the way philanthropy is done today.

The Shift In Philanthropy!

Philanthropy at its core is not about money but about meaning, compassion and generosity. Americans give a $1 billion a day to charitable institutions. The focus, however, is on money instead of impactful giving. When we commoditize philanthropy we make it less joyful and fulfilling. This talk focuses on a return to big important and compelling narratives for philanthropy where conversations are less about needs and scarcity more about possibilities, abundance and co-created better futures.

What is Earth.University up to?

It's our intention to support individuals who want to find their true passion and heart-felt plan for leaving a legacy, and giving to humanitarian positive (H+) projects and programs.  We convene, connect, listen to, and "swarm" with philanthropists, organizations, communities, and recipients of funds to determine how to bring people together to solve some of humanity's challenges.  We are relentlessly focused on what creates trust, and how can we TOGETHER make even greater impact!

What is Swarming?

Imagine that we as humans can make better decisions together by engaging in a simple online process that allows everyone to be heard, and no one to have more influence!

Based on the study of how bees, birds, and fish work together for the benefit of the entire group, we felt like humans could do that too!  At Earth.University, we have teamed up with Unanimous.ai--a Silicon Valley area business that is focused on using artificial intelligence to help humans make better decisions exactly like swarms do -- together!  We have chosen to work with this technology to better conduct our research and bring greater confidence to philanthropists and recipients alike. We also just know that we can make things happen together much more effectively than through the ideas of just one person or group. 

Would you like to be part of a Swarm?

We would love to have you join us.  If you want to be part of a study on issues facing humanity, the planet, or philanthropy, we'd love to have you be part of a swarm.  To do so, simply sign up to be a member for just $12 per year.  Or, if you want to be a philanthropist in your own right, you could make a donation to help us cover the costs associated with the research and development of new programs for philanthropic giving.

Join a Swarm!

Case Study 1

We are going to swarm with 100 philanthropists of all backgrounds to determine what builds their confidence in freely giving to others.

Case Study 2

We want to swarm with non-profits and community foundations to determine what they feel are the most important areas to be funded in the coming 2 years.

Case Study 3

We are going to swarm with entrepreneurs who want to create humanity+ organizations that create economic value while also giving back to discover what humanity needs next!

Are you a Philanthropist?

This TedX video asks many questions about the culture of philanthropy and who we are as philanthropists. We hope this encourages questions and action within you!


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