Welcome to the Passion Professors Podcast by Earth.University, where stories of life experiences and purpose, inspire and unite humanity. Here on the show, we discover what people just like you are doing to express their passion outloud, and live the life of their dreams. 

Get new ideas on how to step into your own calling and find out what's getting created in the world that needs your gift!




The purpose of this podcast is to help share the vision we believe in: “everyone has a passion that wants to be shared.” As you listen to each podcast, consider how you might engage, collaborate with, or support the dreams of our Passion Professors! Our hope is that we will make an impact on millions of lives as we grow our tribe, our content, and conversations with many of you!



Episode 1: Lee-Ann Lamar

Lee-Ann is an incredible relationship coach who is passionate about serving couples to find balance in their masculine and feminine energies. She has discovered one of the greatest secrets to lasting partnership relationships, and she shares her wisdom with us in this episode. Lee-Ann Lamar Coaching is located in North Carolina, and she would love to work with any of our listeners who want to empower themselves and power-up their relationships.

Episode 2: Chris Natzke

For over four decades, Chris Natzke has been a dedicated student and teacher of the martial arts, achieving the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt/Master Instructor, ranking him in the top 1% of all martial artists in the world. His “mindset of a champion” is the passion he is bringing to students across America. He focuses on youth so they can learn how to empower themselves at a younger age. Listen in as Chris talks about his passion for leadership and growth of our next generation.