Employee Satisfaction With Every Transition

The future of business is powered by passion

Retain new talent. Maximize existing potential. Humanize offboarding. World-class employee mentorship for every stage of business growth.  

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Mentorship for incoming, ongoing, and outplaced employees.

Earth.University guides people through transitions to keep them centered and empowered. Maintain mutual respect and understanding no matter the circumstances. 

CliftonStrengths Assessment

A judgement-free inventory of everything unique and notable

Deep-Dive Mentoring

1-on-1 sessions to explore personal values, vision, and intrinsic motivation 

Roadmap To Success

A tangible framework to help guide decisions and stay "on purpose"

Clarity and confidence to navigate every challenge 

Sarah Spearman

"Moreso than any other time in my life, I feel like things are coming together."

Brian Peterson

"Mentoring gave me a sense of calm and stability in crisis and chaos."

Lucas Berstein

"I feel like I have more control of what I'm doing and am doing it more consciously."



Do good, be great.

When productivity drops, it's not a motivation issue, it's an alignment issue.

Staying congruent with core values and a personal mission allows for authentic self-expression. When you feel your best, you can do your best.


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What Mentees Can Expect

  • 3 Sessions to discover passion,  purpose, and what lights you up.
  • 1 Session to build a "next steps" roadmap to success.
  • Self-confidence to make the decisions they need to make
  • New ideas of how to use more of your superpowers at work
  • An upgraded mindset focused on serving better and creating freedom simultaneously
  • More mental resilience when faced with challenges
  • Sustainable healthy habits that prevent burnout
  • Exceptional connections to make next steps and opportunities for growth or development.
  • All with certified E.U Mentors who have business and personal mentoring experience.

Erin Douglas

"I can really lean in and do what I feel is the most impactful for the company I work for."

Employees Love Earth.University

Results that change lives

With Earth.University, mentees grow inside and out 


90% of mentees reported feeling more fulfilled 


65% found a position that was a "perfect match" 

Your team, at their best.

Experience what a "lights on" group of self-empowered people can do for the growth and reputation of your company.  

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