Changes That American Education Faces Today

education lindsay andreotti Apr 07, 2021
Problem With Education System
You know the old adage: A picture is worth 1000 words.  Well what's a video worth?  A million words?  This particular video by Second Thought encapsulates the challenges we are facing in American education today that have only been highlighted and exacerbated by Covid 19 lockdowns and kids not going to school.  What's interesting, is that we have an opportunity now to really change it.  Not just talk about it, but change it for a society we'd prefer.
At Earth.University we are standing behind that change.  We believe that education should be purpose-driven, not data-driven.  What does that mean?  First and foremost, we believe every single person has a purpose on this planet, and when cultivated, they are able to live more  fulfilling and more joyful lives.  Second, purpose-driven means that the education is delivered 'just-in-time' when the student is not only ready, but curious and can absorb the relevance of the information being shared.  And third, purpose-driven means we measure the positive impact, positive energy, and contribution our kids (and adults) make in the world given their purpose rather than how well they scored on a test of regurgitation.  
Purpose-driven is more emotional intelligence first; intellect second.  It's creativity, innovation, humanity driven first; implementation effectiveness second.  Do you remember being back in high school yourself and wanting to do something with your life and career and you couldn't find a path to that 'thing' so you did the next best thing that would make you money?  It's this very thinking that has created the exploding coaching industry and career change mentality that is happening for people over the age of 35, and we believe that it doesn't have to be this way.
Life is meant to be experienced, not measured by industry standards all the time.  We do not deny that data and results are important, but are they everything?  Every entrepreneur I ever had the pleasure of working with always knew that they were going to fail 100 times before they got the right product or service in front of their perfect customers.  They even coined a phrase "Fail Fast" to help them remember that this is what is required to succeed.  Sadly, we don't do this with our kids.  We actually encourage them to avoid failure, and feel ashamed if they don't get good grades or into that college or University we had planned for them.  We ridiculously structure their days in a school day such that even teachers (and parents) themselves don't have enough time to teach the youth what they really want to know--which is how to live independently as an adult, and what's relevant to the contribution they can make.
What would it take for one Superindentent to say this: "Hey...We want our kids to find their purpose, life dreams and mission in the world rather than teach to tests."  If you or anyone you know is interested in changing the way we educate our kids, let's talk.  Send an email to [email protected]!  
Send an email to [email protected]!