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Earth.University is an un-place. Our campus is the planet, and our mission is to ask questions, learn, and share what we learn.  It's a container for growing your soul's calling, and researching with as many people as possible, what it takes to be a collaborative humanity.  If you see that life is your classroom, and you'd like to find more ways to become all that you want to be, you've come to the right place. 


Get a PhD in YOU!™


We know that you have interest in becoming your best self, or reducing aspects of your 'programming' that keeps you from being all that you are.  How do we know that?  Because you found us.  Our programs focus squarely on you finding or remembering who you are, and providing tools, ideas, and systems that can help you achieve what YOU want.  We work with individuals to find the curriculum that releases their highest potential, and we also work with teams to create mentoring programs and mastermind groups for high-performance results.


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Our world is your classroom.


We have no buildings or campuses!  We believe that each of us can learn who we are sitting exactly where we are and by changing up our daily routines.  But, imagine traveling to some of the most amazing places on earth, with incredible people who are also interested in self-mastery, and learning how to be the best versions of themselves. Does it get any better than that?  We love to create experiences for conscious growth and development of humans around the world.

World class faculty in personal connection arenas.


We move EU programs around the globe on cruise ships, in resorts, in theme parks, hotels, wineries, and other non-traditional classrooms so access is for everyone, and you can learn "on vacation!"  We keep our group sizes smaller so you can have personal interaction with our "Passion Professors" and other seminar attendees.  You are free to move about the planet, and discover your inner world in super-charged, experiential ways!  You're also welcome to contact us and ask for some personal coaching too!  Either way...we know that if you have desire, we can support your results!

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Lifelong learning means you can participate forever.


We love the fact that our students want to come back to our programs and mentor new students or engage in the new content that shows up at every event. As a member of Earth.University, you’re forever in our community. You can continue to learn, grow, and build your skills as life changes. You might even become a mentor to a new mentor. We know that lifelong learning means you're evolving out loud, and we are here to serve your greatness!

Our participants rank highest among job recruiters & spouses.


The people who join E.U programs gain self-awareness skills, leadership skills, relationship skills, and so many other things that businesses and partners want today. Our intention is to create first-round draft picks worldwide for jobs and relationships! If you want to gain self-mastery skills before you start a company, change careers, get married, or join a cause, we highly recommend you participate in our of our live workshops or a personal retreat!  We can customize your experience, so don't be afraid to ask!

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An internationally diverse community


E.U members come from all parts of our world, with diverse backgrounds and experience. We learn from our community as much as they learn from us.  It's important that you know one thing:  We believe that humanity is amazing, and we are here to serve anyone who is wanting to level-up their game, raise their consciousness, or be in greater service to humanity.  

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