Earth.University is an un-place. Our campus is the planet, and our mission is to ask questions, learn, and share what we learn.  It's a container for growing your soul's calling, and researching with as many people as possible, what it takes to be a collaborative humanity.  If you see that life is your classroom, and you'd like to find more ways to become all that you want to be, you've come to the right place. 

Our world is your classroom.


We have no buildings or real estate because our planet is our campus!  We believe that each of us has a purpose and passion that truly wants to be unleashed and shared with the world, and by learning the tools of being the most authentic you, everyone on the planet wins.  You win, your family wins, your friends win, your co-workers, teammates, and everyone you touch, WINS! 

How good can this get?  Come find out at Earth.University!  We love to create experiences for conscious growth and development of humans around the world.

Get a PhD in YOU!™ 

We know that you have interest in becoming your best self, or reducing aspects of your 'programming' that keeps you from being all that you are.  How do we know that?  Because you found us.  Our programs focus squarely on you finding or remembering who you are, and providing tools, ideas, and systems that can help you achieve what YOU want.  We work with individuals to find the curriculum that releases their highest potential, and we also work with teams to create mentoring programs and mastermind groups for high-performance results.

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Apperceptive and world-class faculty!


Our team of high-conscious, non-judgemental, engaging mentors at Earth.University live all over the world!  And while we are known for our True North mentorship programs for individuals and organization teams, that’s not all we do!  We are building a Hall of Wisdom that will include the courses, discussions, and content that is leading the way to higher levels of self-development and learning for our alumni. We work with world class leaders, entrepreneurs, and ideators who are giving rise to new ways of thinking and learning as humanity evolves. Our alumni often become mentors and course creators to help further our mission.  Would you like to share your passion and purpose with the world?  To get access to our Hall of Wisdom, you must become an E.U Member (insert link to that page).  We know that lifelong learning means you are evolving daily, and we are here to serve your greatness!

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Meet a few members of our team


Lindsay Andreotti
Co-Founder of Earth.University

Master Mentor.  Muse.  Mom.

My passion is to be in service to others
finding and unleashing their brilliance
into the world in healthy, joyful, authentic ways. 

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Austin Willman
Co-Founder of Earth.University

Courageous Communicator. Mentor. Inspired.

My passion is to see others take bold steps to authentically and strategically express themselves in the world.

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