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We are here to serve the growth and development of Humanity+ Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Organizations.  If you believe that peace can prevail and suffering can end if each of us shares our true brilliance in the world, you're one of us.  If you know that self-awareness, trust, and collaboration are the critical factors to achieving unity, then join us now!

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Passion Professors

Come learn from everyday individuals who are fellow Passion Professors (TM).
They share stories of wisdom, life, and self-development that didn't need a book or business--just heart. 

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Philanthropy Research

We are pioneering how philanthropy can be done more consciously and with more trust. Come see how we use AI, EQ, SQ, Coherence and other leading edge concepts to serve humanity.

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Your Part

We know that you are an integral part of what makes humanity great.  When you support our team, your voice matters. Find out how you'd like to give your gifts and share your wisdom with all of us!

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As a part of our mission to educate, we provide workshops and seminars live in major cities around the world. Come join our tribe, share in the magic of learning and growing together!

What's Next? Become Part of the Solution...

We are launching the Center for Trust and Conscious Philanthropy in 2020!  And we can't wait...In the meantime, we have kicked-off a whole new program with The Mosaic Swarm focused on giving voice to the masses, and finding out what erodes trust and stops us from solving the worlds' biggest problems!  Join us!

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