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Earth is a campus that holds your life's curriculum for learning and expansion of you. On this campus, our mission as humans is to ask questions, learn, and share what we learn with each other--as family, friends, leaders, inventors, etc... 

Earth.University is a container for learning about and growing your soul's calling, while researching with as many people as possible, what it takes to be a collaborative humanity.  If you see that life is your classroom, and you'd like to find more ways to become all that you know you are, you've come to the right place. When you get the PhD in YOU, and find that one recipe for your life that truly brings satisfaction and fulfillment, then you are truly living your purpose. 

We are here to help you with that journey.

Passion Professors

Come learn from everyday individuals who are fellow Passion Professors™.
They share stories of wisdom, life, and self-development that didn't need a book or business--just heart. You just might find some friends to work with!

Share Your Passion!

Conscious Philanthropy

If you have passion for giving back and you want to make sure your legacy is aligned to your truth of purpose, work with us.  Here you can learn to go from Human Doing, to Human Being to Human Weing ™ which is the core essence of Conscious Philanthropy.

Serve Humanity!

The PhD in YOU™

This is the place where you discover your curriculum for the PhD in YOU™. Become a member of our tribe for access to our favorite programs, design your own path, find a mentor to assist, attend a live seminar and support other people living on purpose.  

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